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Andy Norman, Ph.D.

Andy searches in vain for wisdom. He finds perplexing questions endlessly entertaining, and enjoys the occasional sneeze. He likes to think about how reason-giving dialogue works, and appreciates the art of listening. He strives to be fair-minded, and every now and again achieves a small measure of it.

Andy directs the Humanism Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to that, he taught philosophy at CMU, Pitt, and Hamilton College. He also worked for several years as a technology designer. He has founded and run successful companies, and designed award-winning software applications. His second company, Camp Spirit of the Game, used frisbees to teach thousands of kids the importance of enthusiasm, dedication, teamwork, respect and integrity.

Andy has helped to illuminate the evolutionary origins of human reasoning. He studies the logic of value inquiry, and writes about reason, faith, and the foundations of morality. His work has appeared in Free Inquiry, The Humanist, Biology and Philosophy, The Philosophical Quarterly, and History and Theory.

Andy thinks he has figured out how thinking becomes ideological, so he’s writing a book about it. (It’s titled Unhinged.) Andy lives in Pittsburgh with his wife of 20 years. He has two fascinating kids, a mortgage, and a dog that couldn’t care less about frisbees.

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