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Our work: Science and Critical Thinking Education and Promotion

The foundation of our beliefs rests upon science, reason, and critical thinking skills and habits.  

The PFC Program and Education Committee puts on regular events and programs intended to help and challenge our stakeholders learn more about the foundations of scientific knowlege as well as current discoveries/ controversies and political implications of ongoing work in varied branches of science. 

In addition to gaining knowlegde within specific fields, we learn how to improve our critical thinking skills and encourage others to do the same.  We recognize and combat dogmatic and tribal beliefs that interfere with critical thinking and science acceptance, and oppose pseudo-science and "woo" in all its forms. 

This work and programs are organized by PFC's Program and Education Committee, tasked with  "Organizing educational, as opposed to social or activist programs for our members and the public.    The Chair may appoint any number of Organizers to manage specific one-time or recurring events such as a specific Meetup or FB event."

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