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The Pittsburgh Freethought Community is a welcoming and caring community for those who share an evidence-based perspective and wish to promote science, reason, and humanist values in the greater Pittsburgh area. Is this you?

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PFC Coronavirus Update – please visit our calendar for information about upcoming events

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, PFC plans to closely monitor the spread and impact of the virus in this very fluid environment, exercising an abundance of caution in the planning and execution of our programs and meetings. We care deeply about the health and well-being of our PFC Community, and equally about the broader local and national communities which might be impacted by our decisions.  

We will monitor the spread and impact of the virus and exercise an abundance of caution in the planning and staging of our programs and meetings, including cancelling events as deemed necessary.

While cancelling some events, PFC may continue to hold other events where the ability to maintain individual separation is possible, and will encourage attendees to follow best practices with regard to not shaking hands and not attending if in high-risk or medically fragile groups, etc. Some events may be temporarily cancelled or postponed due to actions taken by the venues we utilize. We may video livestream some events where possible.

Please bear with us during this difficult time. We strongly urge everyone to familiarize themselves with the CDC's (Center for Disease Control) guidelines and recommended best practices for dealing with this pandemic.

Finally, we encourage our stakeholders to continue their practice of using science and reason and critical thinking to guide their behaviors and to use this difficult situation in which we find ourselves as a teachable moment to more broadly reinforce these traits in the larger Pittsburgh community. 

Please visit our calendar for the most accurate information about upcoming events.

Dana L Morganroth, President & Board Chair

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Recent Happenings

PFC Board Members Ann Norman and Marie Schaub (PPP Chair and Secretary) worked with the City of Pittsburgh Mayor's Office to have January 16th declared as Religious Freedom Day. 

We want to thank them for their hard work.

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Volunteers attended a training session with Planned Parenthood to learn how to help.

PFC Board Member and Activism Chair Alex Jackson spoke at the Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit.

More details here.

Action Corner

Activism and Social Justice

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Public Policy Participation and Political Action

If you're from the Pittsburgh area and passionate about secularism the Public Policy Participation Committee is the place for you! We're currently working on local and state-level issues, along side our national affiliates, and seek to be a respected voice for the secular community. We are a welcoming and accepting committee that mainly focuses on forming public policy to support equal representation and the separation of government from religion. Please see PFC's calendar for our upcoming meetings, visit our page for ways to take action now, and email Marie to join PFC's Public Policy Participation Committee today!

See our Public Policy Participation page for ways to take action NOW!

Program and Education

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Social and Community

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In case you missed it:

Laura Perkins - Casa San Jose

Laura talks about how Casa San Jose helps Latino immigrants in the Pittsburgh area.

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Pittsburgh Freethought Community
Promoting science, reason, and humanist values in the greater Pittsburgh area

If you are looking to become part of a community of fascinating people who share secular and critical-thinking worldview and values, if you want to meet some like-minded friends--people who think outside the box when it comes to life--we are your group.

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