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Public Policy Participation and Political Action 

PFC Statement Celebrating Earth Day here

Irrationality Caused Capitol Chaos: read PFC statement here

Current Events Statement: Allegheny County Independent Police Review Board legislation is slated for a vote in March 2021.  The vote may be close, so our voices matter!  The Pittsburgh Citizens Police Review Board was created after Johnny Gammage’s death at the hands of Brentwood police in 1995, but many Allegheny County municipalities lack police oversight.  

An Allegheny County Independent Police Review Board was proposed after Antwon Rose was killed by East Pittsburgh police in 2018 and again after Romir Talley’s killing in December of 2019 by a Wilkinsburg policeman.  Talley’s family worked for eight months just to get the name of the officer who shot him.  A county-wide Independent Police Review Board would expedite investigations into these deaths. 

Learn more...

Allegheny County Council IPRB Letter Dec 2020.docx.pdf

WESA: Allegheny County Council Revives Police Review Board Talks

Facebook video "Why do we need an Allegheny County Police Review Board?"

Contact Allegheny County Council Members

Want to do your part? Take Action Now! 

If you live in Allegheny County, please contact your Allegheny County Councilperson, the two at-large Councilpersons, and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald before January 26th to ask that they support this legislation.  Council members are attentive to contacts from constituents.

Click here to download a sample letter: Police Reform Sample Letter.doc 

Each month PFC's PPPC focuses on a different issue and we need YOUR help!  

Tips and links for contacting your legislators: 

  1. Calls from constituents and a follow-up letter/fax containing your contact information are more effective than blanket emails. Send "snail-mail" to local locations, the screening process in Washington D.C. takes several months.  

  2. Keep it short and to the point, no longer than one page. Focus on specific legislation when applicable and be clear about who you are and what you want from the start.

  3. Make it personal and mention if you have voted for them or donated to their campaign. 

  4. Remember, they represent YOU.

Find your PA legislators here: 


Find your US legislators here:




Find your local government here:

Allegheny County Council

These actions are directly related to our Mission and an important part of meeting our Committee's goals.

Your time and attention to this is much appreciated.

Not sure who represents you?  Use the links below to find out!

Pennsylvania State Representation- Pennsylvania General Assembly Website

Federal Representation- govtrack.us Website

Want MORE ways to take action!?! See the action pages of our national affiliates: 

Freedom From Religion Foundation - Action

American Humanist Association - Key Issues

American Atheists - State Legislation Tracker

Read more about PFC's December 2020 Issue... 

The climate is ripe for the anti-vax crowd to come out in force.  A recent article in The Atlantic gave both evidence of need to vaccinate and information on how to change the mind of anti-vaxxers, with a goal to reach about two-thirds of the populace to sign on to getting vaccinated. PFC urges you to base your decisions on science and empirical evidence, not pseudoscience. 

"Unfortunately, in some polls, far fewer than two-thirds of Americans say they are interested in getting a coronavirus vaccine. Though this number might change as we learn more about the vaccine’s effectiveness and side effects, at some points only about 50 percent of Americans have said they plan to get the vaccine when it becomes available. Some reports suggest that Facebook groups formerly dedicated to merely asking questions about vaccines have switched to more vociferous anti-vaccine views in recent months."


The Atlantic - Inside the Mind of an Anti-vaxxer

Gallup Poll - More Americans are Now Willing...

The Washington Post - Pay Americans to Take the Vaccine


Our work: Public Policy Participation and Political Action

PFC identifies areas and issues within local government and local institutions where PFC can and should contribute a perspective and viewpoint on behalf of our stakeholders. We seek to have a seat at the table to represent and communicate the evidence-based, humanist and non-theist beliefs of our members regarding local issues and actions. Beyond the local arena, we seek to keep our members informed about national and international policy and legislation likely to be important to them. At all levels of government, PFC seeks to facilitate participation by its members, by electronic, voice or personal communication with legislators and other leaders. PFC facilitates this participation within the the legal limitations of our non-profit 501(c)(3) status.

Some of the policies we promote include:

  • Promotion of separation of Church and State across the board;
  • Promotion of evidence based public policy in general and of specific evidence-based policies when the public conversation is being heavily influenced by non-evidence based beliefs ie religious dogma.

If you would like to get more involved with PFC's Public Policy Participation Committee, please email the Public Policy Committee chair.

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