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Public Policy Participation and Political Action

Want to do your part? Take Action Now!

Each month PFC's PPPC focuses on a different issue and we need YOUR help!!! 

Tips and links for contacting your legislators: 

  1. Calls from constituents and a follow-up letter/fax containing your contact information are more effective than blanket emails. 

  2. Keep it short and to the point, no longer than one page. Focus on specific legislation when applicable and be clear about who you are and what you want from the start.

  3. Make it personal and mention if you have voted for them or donated to their campaign. 

  4. Remember, they represent YOU.

Find your PA legislators here: 


Find your US legislators here:


These actions are directly related to our Mission and an important part of meeting our Committee's goals.

Your time and attention to this is much appreciated.

This September, let's bring Pennsylvania's kids into the 21st century by teaching them the importance of our Earth's future and sustainability! 

Urge your representatives to support PA House Bill 2795 and include climate change in our State's science curriculum beginning in elementary school. It is well past time to implement instruction that aligns with 2013's Next Generation of Science Standards - a uniform framework that explicitly includes climate change and has already been adopted by most states in our Union. PFC also supports the teaching of evolution as a State requirement, but it’s not addressed in this bill. 

Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states that does not require its students to learn about climate change in the classroom in spite of being arguably the biggest threat to our existence as we know it. 

Write, call, and/or email your legislators today!

Not sure who represents you?  Use the links below to find out!

Pennsylvania State Representation- Pennsylvania General Assembly Website

Federal Representation- govtrack.us Website

Our work: Public Policy Participation and Political Action

PFC identifies areas and issues within local government and local institutions where PFC can and should contribute a perspective and viewpoint on behalf of our stakeholders. We seek to have a seat at the table to represent and communicate the evidence-based, humanist and non-theist beliefs of our members regarding local issues and actions. Beyond the local arena, we seek to keep our members informed about national and international policy and legislation likely to be important to them. At all levels of government, PFC seeks to facilitate participation by its members, by electronic, voice or personal communication with legislators and other leaders. PFC facilitates this participation within the the legal limitations of our non-profit 501(c)(3) status.

Some of the policies we promote include:

  • Promotion of separation of Church and State across the board;
  • Promotion of evidence based public policy in general and of specific evidence-based policies when the public conversation is being heavily influenced by non-evidence based beliefs ie religious dogma.

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