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Katherine Stewart: The Power Worshippers

  • Wednesday, March 10, 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Virtual

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The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism

For too long the religious right has masqueraded as a social movement preoccupied with cultural issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. But in her deeply reported investigation, Katherine Stewart shows that this is a political movement, and its ultimate goal is power. It does not seek to add another voice to America’s pluralistic democracy but to replace our foundational democratic principles and institutions with a state grounded on a particular version of Christianity, answering to what some adherents call a “biblical worldview.” The movement has already succeeded in degrading our politics and dividing the nation with religious animus. This isn’t a “culture war.” It is a political war over the future of democracy.

Stewart pulls back the curtain on the movement's inner workings and leading personalities, exposing the movement's infrastructure and its leading personalities. In spite of the consequences of the 2020 election, the movement will remain a formidable force in our politics. By shedding light on the movement's logic and tactics, Stewart helps us understand the strategies we will need to mount an effective response.

Closed captioning will be available for this event through Google Meet. To enable captions in Google Meet, click on the three dots menu in the lower right corner and choose “Turn on captions” next to the CC symbol.

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