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Henry McKay

Henry McKay is a lifelong atheist and enthusiastic skeptic who is committed to building a society governed by reason, justice, and compassion for each other. He believes that an organization like the Pittsburgh Freethought Community, by bringing together secular people and contributing a secular voice to public debates, helps to foster such a society. When he’s not not believing in things, Henry is a climate and energy justice advocate, working in the nonprofit sector to accelerate the transition to clean energy and ensure no one is left behind. He is also a very active member of Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh, where he works to build a radically inclusive secular community for his children to grow up in.

Henry is an ardent generalist who believes that, as Robert Heinlein wrote, “specialization is for insects.” In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar for Sunday Assembly and converting his lawn into native pollinator habitat. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Politics at Oberlin College and his Master of Public Administration degree at Cornell University. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, Sarah, and two sons, Jesse and Robin.

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