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Jacki Richey Treasurer

Finance Committee Chair

Having joined the Baptist Church for some structure in my life (while living with just my working mom), I had the rug pulled out from me. My minister preached that we should not vote for a Catholic for president. I was campaigning for that Catholic, and even at age 16 I knew this was a violation of the constitution. I left that church and joined my parents as atheists.

I never felt the need for religion in order to have high personal and ethical standards. I studied international affairs because I wanted to help the US take a responsible role in the world. I lived in the Philippines and Mexico. Eventually I got an MBA and worked as Director of Finance for five non-profits in Portland, Oregon, thus working with boards of directors regularly. My husband Paul and I are politically active, campaigning for progressive candidates and lobbing for progressive causes. PFC is a welcome addition to our lives, giving us opportunities to stretch intellectually and explore ideas with like-minded people. I feel honored to have been invited to serve on the board of this vital organization.

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