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Jason R. Coombs - Immediate Past President

Jason was raised religious, attended a private Christian school, and even went to Bible camp. Inspired by the diversity of his atheist-friendly, gay-friendly, and Muslim friends, he detached from religion. After years focusing on a career in software engineering, disillusion eventually set in as early atheist organizations on YouTube and podcasts began to backfill the ignorance. Jason is a member and supporter of the Atheist Community of Austin, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Skeptoid Media, among others. Jason grew up in New Mexico and then lived in DC for 13 years, where he became more involved with various freethought organizations. He and his partner Tracy moved to Pittsburgh in 2019 for its culture and vibrancy, quickly becoming engaged with PFC at social events and discussion groups. Jason thrives on challenging beliefs and advancing civilization. He is excited to help make PFC a welcoming organization that empowers its members to make a difference in the region.

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