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Mimi Lindauer
- Tre
asurer / Secretary

Raised in a conservative religious tradition, Mimi has been a skeptic since her freshman

year in college. The events of 9/11/2001, which were perpetrated by religious

extremists, shocked her into changing her philosophical identification from agnostic to

atheist. After retiring from a long IT career in the Pittsburgh region, she was relieved to

discover the Pittsburgh Freethought Community. At PFC, she and her husband Alan

Johnson enjoy relaxing with other secular humanists while freely discussing philosophy,

science, history, current events, etc.

Passionate about church-state separation, saving the environment, animal welfare, civil

rights, and other issues, she is also currently active in the local chapter of the Izaak

Walton League and a former member of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee.

She enjoys keeping up with current events (a full-time job these days) and reading

about various topics in science, especially evolution. Summers are spent gardening in

her suburban back yard, doing battle with hungry wildlife, bugs, and plant diseases with

the goal of eventually eating a few freshly picked green beans. The joy of foraging in

the garden immediately before dinner to find the vegetable du jour is well worth the


Mimi supports PFC’s promotion of humanist values and evidence-based public policy.

She was honored when asked to join the PFC Board and is currently active on the PFC

Public Policy Participation and Social committees.

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